Compliments from our Clients

I’ve been using Citywide Pets’ dog walking service since I moved to Baltimore four years ago. The service is so reliable and convenient; I couldn’t be more pleased. My dog gets a daily walk while I’m at work and it makes me feel better about leaving her home for such long hours. She loves her walker so much that I use the service exclusively when I go out of town. I highly recommend them!
— R.L. - Canton
I can’t thank you enough for the care you’ve given my cats. Most people think that as a cat owner I have more independence - that I’m not tethered to a schedule of walking or feeding - but, with four cats it’s a different story! Not once, but twice you came to my rescue during a crisis. On both occasions I’d given you short notice, and each time you responded with “not a problem.” Not having to worry about “my babies” while I was already stressed about my other family members was a big help. I can recall, that first time, coming home to four well-fed, happy, and healthy cats. It was obvious that they’d received a lot of attention while I was gone (I stepped on more than a few toys)! Thank you for being there when we needed you. You were professional, personable and seemed to genuinely care about animals. I will definitely recommend you to my extended pet family!
— P.C.J, MD - Washington, DC (Former Baltimore City Resident)
About two years ago, I had to leave town with only six hours notice and immediately realized that I had no one to watch my three cats. All that changed when I contacted Citywide Pets. I was leaving town for five days and only had a minute to explain a complex feeding schedule. (One of my cats has diabetes and needs a special diet). Edward was not only receptive to my instructions and responsive to my pets’ needs but apparently showered them with all sorts of attention. Whenever I’d return from a trip in the past, I usually spent a lot of time trying to calm my stressed out cats. This time they acted as if I had only been gone a few hours, and I was impressed. Citywide Pets has always been on time with feedings, and really understands the different personalities of my cats. They’ve been pet-sitting for me more than two years now. I couldn’t imagine anyone else looking after my cats - they’re the only ones I trust with not only my pets, but also a key to my house. Anyone even considering using Citywide Pets should call me for a reference!
— A.G. - Canton